Sunday, November 21, 2010

SPM and you ;)

Yes, I shouldnt be onlining and focus on my studies but this is going to be a short post.
To all my friends, Good luck SPM and keep strong. We can do it. lets show those MRSM-ians what we;re made off :DD

To one of my special friend, Fazirah Azizi, u will be remembered when i'm doing my SPM. Who knows, I might just write an essay about you. HAHA incase ur reading this, i'm gonna miss you but 2weeks is gonna past like a breeze. When i'm done with SPM, lets hang out together. You might be aware that i'm not much of guy to be able to walk,talk,stand and do stuff with a girl so bring along some other friends. Ur friends with my friends. lets make the mall ours. :) haha.
During my SPM, u will be remembered as an abundance of laughter God, I'll miss ya ;)
Btw, this is a short video i made to remember the good times i had with my fellow 5ACTIVIANS  :')