Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I'm starving!

It has only been half day today and I'm half past dead. I'm hungry damn it!
this really does look appealing! anyone care to share wat they are having today? ^^
and news flash. I CANT GO BACK TO MY HOMETOWN this year. My dad is working even on raya. *sigh* Haha relax. I got many friends here so i'm not that lonely :)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My First Blog Update :)

Thanx to kak sally. I finally made my own blog but way tooo dumb to use it. She said it would be wise if I post my love quotes here. Is there really anyone who really would waste their time to read this BloG?
I cant write anything long or mind blowing for you readers yet but I'll try my best~!

A bit bout me.
I'm Hazeem Roslan.
Dont let my looks fool you as looks can be deceiving. :)
I was born on 6.12.1993
I play basketball,video games and pretty much other guys games.
I'm almost 6foot tall. 5'11" to be exact.
I hate lizards coz i think they are poisonous even the household lizards.
I eat almost anything and always hungry but never go fat.
I wanna become a pilot one day just like my dad.

well this is how I'll look like when I become a pilot! hahaha! keep on dreaming. :)

well that pretty much it for my first ever blog update.