Friday, October 28, 2011

Japan Fear Factor! 1 Billion Yen prize money!


Yup the name says it all! When you hear the word Fear Factor, automatically U'll imagine you have to do crazy things but not as crazy as they do it in JAPAN! For a prize money of 1 Billion Yen, would you do just anything to get it? The fearless would say HELL YEAH!

But what about if I said you have to crazy SHIT stunts? and I literally mean shit? Check it out on how they do Fear Factor in Japan.

So, would you do it for 1 Billion yen? 

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Must have games on your Iphone/Ipod touch #part 2

Hello Iphone/Ipod users, have you jailbroken ur apple device? Make sure you jailbreak it so that you can download a bunch of games and application for free! all you need to do is install CYDIA on ur device and then install an apps called INSTALLOUS via cydia. This enables you to quickly browse popular games etc quickly and download them easily.

Moving on towards the game recommendation, here's some of the game that kick ass!

1) Monster Hunter Dynamic Hunting

This is a new installment from Capcom after releasing their famous Monster Hunter franchise to all consoles available, they decided to publish it for the Ipod/Iphone as well. I've played this game and yeah it requires strategy and patience. Its a fun game to keep you occupied as killing the monsters are lots of fun!

2) Guitar Hero

The title says it all! its Guitar Hero for the Ipod/Iphone. Its lots of fun to play with more and more difficult songs to play too. I do recommend this game to be played in HARD (thats what she said) mode with headphones on.

3) Infinity Blade

This game is so bad-ass! Its got great graphic and awesome battle style! Loads of weapon to choose from as well as armor,shields and magic ring that lets you burn,freeze,poison your opponents. It also have healing magic that lets you heal yourself since you cant use items during battle. Very awesome game that had kept me playing time and time again :D

4) Nine Heroes: Zombie Invasion.

Ever heard of the game PLANT VS ZOMBIE ?? This is almost the same game genre except you are using animals instead of measly plants. Each animals can be upgraded to be more powerful as to defeat powerful zombies. Its very annoying if you lose at some stages however this game holds no game over. Its kinda funny to see a rooster holding a samurai blade and a kitty slicing zombies with swords but heck! its fun!

Thats all for today's post. Remember to browse through the ads. Click 'em if ur interested in the following advertisment. Thanks for reading and have a good one. :D

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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Must have games for your Iphone/Ipod Touch! #part 1

Hey Ipod touch 3rd GEN/4th GEN and Iphone Users! have a jailbroken Ipod/iphone but just dunno what suitable games application to be downloaded? Here's some of yours truly recommendation :D


This is a must have game for you guys out there. The game is simple where you basically just have to slash all the fruits and ur weapon is ur finger. Its very addictive once u get ur hands on it and with 3 different games option, u are sure to keep beating ur own high scores!

2) Scream 'N Run
This is a Voice Control game where u are a zombie and must use ur voice to dodge the rabbits. How to use ur voice u ask? Well just scream of course! its one the annoying game ever but fun to play.

3) Dino Cap

This game a dinosaur massacre! Ur that black dude and you gotta do is get rid of all the dinosaur infestation! Choose from tons of availabe weapons wether long range or melee, the choice is urs! As you advance further, more and more difficult dinosaurs are bound to appear. However with each kill, u earn money and weapons can be upgraded too. So happy killing!

4) Ninja Saga (This is just like the one in facebook but you can control more than 1 ninja,tons of ninja skills to keep you occupied :D)

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Free your Ipod touch/Iphone! Jailbreak it!

Hey guys, its now time for another introduction about the gadget I own and whereby I absolutely enjoy playing games in it. Its the Ipod TOuch 4th Generation!

Its the sort of the latest version for the Ipod 'species' and I have to say it is certainly worth buying :D

The one I'm using is the 32GB model and able to store 7000musics alone or some movies and other stuff like photos. This ipod have 2 cameras; 1 at the front and another at the back. This enable users to use skype via wifi. I've tried skyping using ipod once and the quality is very good.

However, to fully enjoy your ipod, one must install apps. There are a bunch of useful apps to help you in ur daily life but these apps cost you a bit of money and have to be purchased via Itunes. There is a way to get all the games and any available apps without paying a single cent and that is by JAILBREAKING it.

Jailbrreaking is allows you to have download free apps just by downloading it! It is thought to be illegal but Apple has approve that jailbreaking is now legal. Here's a video on the news about its being legal and the easiest way to jailbreak it urself.

Click here to see the video on youtube!!!!

If you have an uncompatible IOS, please just watch some videos on youtube.

Thats all for today's post. The next post would be about the awesome games/apps that you SHOULD have in your Ipod touch/Iphone