Saturday, December 24, 2011

Ways to Increase Your Gadgets Battery Lifespan

As an owner of many portable devices such as a Playstation Portable (PSP) and even a smartphone, having LOW battery is so troublesome especially when you are bored and in need of entertainment. Here's how you can extend the battery life.

TURN OFF WIFI - Did you know turning the WIFI on even though ur not opening any web browser actually sucks the battery life A LOT? All Smartphone/Tablet users bewarned that leaving it on for a long
period will drain the battery faster than you could say "How did my battery die?"

FOCUS ON ONE TASK - We all do multitask with our gadgets. Example our phones. While streaming for videos, or simply logging in facebook, some of us actually love switching on the music. By doing this, the battery is over exerting itself and the lifespan will decrease. If you wanna online, focus on that. Wanna do it while listening to music? Get a MP3 instead :p

BRIGHT - Its simple. Dont make ur device too bright. Make it just nice. Dim it once in a while.

VIBRATION - Ur device sucks more batteries when you set it to vibrate. Simply turn off the vibration and put a loud ringtone so that you can hear ur phone without the need of vibration.

SLEEP - Once in awhile, when ur not using ur Phone, put it to sleep. Turn it off. Let it relax for a few hours then turn it on again. This will surely safe the battery life.

DONT OVER CHARGE - Overcharging ur smartphones/game devices will result in the batteries to easily lose its power even if you charged it again and again. Remove the charging cable as soon as the device finish charging.

Hope these tips help. Having battery life in my devices is like having soul in my life :D If you're still having trouble, just buy a new battery or buy a new device.

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