Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Sad Truth and A Golden Opportunity.

Hey fellas, been awhile since I'd updated this blog and frankly speaking, a lot had happen since. For example, a major crisis had occur and it is causing a major problem for all of us to continue downloading stuff we want. Filesharing sites like Megaupload, Filesonic, FileApe, Fileserve, etc etc are currently being permanently shut down due to SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act).

This is a heavy burden however I still respect Mr. Lamar Smith whom created SOPA. It may be the right time to stop online piracy no matter how sad it is.

A little tribute for our 'fallen heroes' site. 

Regarding the Golden Opporunity, there will be a site called WAZZUB that will be launch in April that is willing to share almost 50% of its profit with all the members who already register with them.

Not much is known about this website and from the sources I get, this site does not show scam as we do not require to pay any money. Just invite as much people as we can.

Further information regarding this matter, this WAZZUB site is like Google or Yahoo or Facebook on how they describe it.

I'd recommend you to sign up and ANYONE from ANYWHERE can register. You dont need to pay, you dont need to sell things. Its FREE FOREVER.

To sign up, here's the link (make sure to follow the steps and verify ur email)

Further information can be obtain here

Thats all for now, keep rockin and many game recommendation will soon be updated as soon as I'm able to keep playing 'em.

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